Over the past eight years I’ve waded through a lot of the business resources. I’ve spent big chunks of time figuring out where the best information is and what works best for me as a maker. While I wouldn’t trade anything for all I”ve learned, time is a limited resource and I would LOVE to help you get a jump start on DIYing your small business!

One thing that I’ve learned is essential when establishing your business is a website. When you’re trying to do it all on your own you need an “employee” that can work for your 24/7. A user-friendly website that allows your customers to buy your products, contact you, and learn all about your process is the most cost efficient way to make that happen!

To that end I offer a few services to help you get started with a website that works for you!

DIY Website Course

This DIY video course will walk you through initial branding & set-up for a Squarespace hosted website. Once you’ve walked through the videos and built your site you can contact me for a free one-on-one review to get some feedback and ask any questions about the platform you still have.


Website Build Package

If you know your limitations and believe that you would benefit from someone building your site for you, I’m happy to provide that service. First, I’ll give you a questionnaire so I have a good feel for what you are looking for. Then, we will have a one-on-one where I show you some of the elements I’ve prepared for your site. You can let me know if I’m heading in the right direction. When we are both comfortable that the design & layout are what you need I will finish building out the site and we will meet again for a training session. I will teach you how to navigate the interface and pass your site off for you to manage. I’ll be available to you for a follow up a few weeks later to answer any questions that arise as you learn to use your new website.


Website Review Package

For those who already have a website but aren’t totally in love, I offer a Review Package to help you really hone in on the effectiveness of your navigation, images & copy. I will first send you a questionnaire so I fully understand what you want your website to do for you. Then, I will review your site and we can schedule a one-on-one to talk about changes that could help the productivity and effectiveness of your site. I’ll also do a follow up review after you implement any changes you decide to make.


Brand Coaching

In this 1.5 hour meeting we will talk about your vision for your business and come up with the skeleton of your brand. I’ll give you some homework before our meeting so we can make the most of our time. This is essentially a creative brainstorming session and my experience is that you will walk away with a clear vision & goal for your business.