Over the past eight years I’ve learned a lot about running a small business through trial & error. I’ve waded through a LOT of the business resources. I’ve walked through the organic growth of a hobby to a small business to what is now a full-time endeavor. I’ve spent so much time figuring out where the best information is and what works best for me as a maker. While I wouldn’t trade anything for all I’ve learned, I know that your time is a limited resource and I would LOVE to help you get a jump start in your small business!


I’ve started a community for artisans & makers to share resources and encourage one another inside the MAKERS Community on Facebook.

website servies

I also thoroughly enjoy the branding process for a small business and I build a few websites each year for small business owners looking to grow their presence and marketing online. I also created a DIY Website Course for those wanting to build their own website!

vintage warehouse

As a co-owner at Vintage Warehouse of Spartanburg I work with local artisans and makers who are interested in becoming resident vendors in our Brick & Mortar Store and with those who participate in our seasonal market events.