Daddy's No. 1

"This is Danielle, she's number one." That's how Daddy introduced me. Anytime he talked about his daughters he would tag our number after the name for reference. I was the oldest, so I was number one, on down to the youngest, number four. 

Daddy had four daughters from two marriages and his introduction system organically grew from plenty of conversations of "how many kids do you have?" when only two were present or when it was obvious my step-mom was not old enough to have a daughter my age. Of course once he got started with it he liked to have fun with us. I've never met anyone with a grin quite as impish as my Daddy. He'd get so tickled at himself. That is one of the many things I love to remember about him.

There are so many stories I want to tell. So many great memories. Daddy has been gone for over four years now, so when my sister (No. 2) asked me about making a bracelet for Daddy the way I'd made a necklace for James, I was surprised it hadn't occurred to me sooner. When she suggested stamping our "numbers" on the bracelets I knew it was perfect. 

I think this is exactly what Remembrance Jewelry should be. A reminder not only of the person you lost, but of something about them that makes you smile. We have so many wonderful memories and that is what we want to hang onto.

Today is Daddy's Birthday. It's always a tough day, but it's getting easier to think about all those great memories. As much as I miss him I do like thinking that he is up there with my sweet boy and they have one another.

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Remembrance Jewelry