Mother: v. to raise or protect

I am so fortunate to have a wonderful mom. She has always been my biggest supporter while remaining a voice of reason when I get ahead of myself. As an adult I can say without reservation that she is truly one of my best friends. I want her opinion anytime I'm making a big decision, or even a small one. We talk almost every day. I pray that I have the same positive influence on my own children one day.

I'm blessed beyond measure by family, but I'm also very aware that not everyone is. Some have lost their mothers to death or circumstances beyond their control. Some never had an opportunity to know their mothers. Many of us remember the children who made us mothers, but are no longer here. Mother's Day can be really tough for so many people, myself included.

But on these occasions that bring out that ache in our lives, it is important to remember that not all family is created by blood. Mothering isn't solely reserved for the women that gave birth to a child. Even those of us with wonderful mothers also have a village of women and men who impacted our lives and raised us up to be who we are. 

I would love to challenge you to reach out to those people in your life who have raised you up in difficult times and encouraged your dreams. Tell them the impact they've had on shaping your life. Imagine the impact you could have just by saying, "Thank you for loving me so well."