I have a love for stories. I just love to know more about the people we share this earth with. I also have an insatiable appetite for inspiration. The more stories I hear the more I think of creative ways to tell those stories. My Inspired Collection is of course representative of the stories in my life and the ways that people or scripture have inspired me, but what about you? I want to create pieces to represent what inspires you.

That is what the Storyteller Collection is all about. These new designs are all unique. I will never duplicate a design in it's entirety. The elements of these designs take on a personality and tell the story that you want to hear. I have loved seeing my friends pick up these pieces and say, "I have a friend who needs this." I want these pieces to have so much personality that they simply belong to one of you, before I even know it. 

There are so many more designs to come in this unique line. Many are currently on display at Vintage Warehouse of Spartanburg & Rustic Restorations of SC. You can find some online HERE. I hope you find the one that belongs to you or a friend!