The Carolina Collection

So last fall my friend and fellow creative Jim Stephens, from 292 Sparcon at Home, came to me about a collaboration. Jim does a lot of laser engraving and wooden cutouts. I've bought so many things from him that I just love, including my market signage. He threw out some really fun ideas and we decided to touch base after the holidays. Now ya'll know I have to sit on things and let them roll around in my head sometimes. This was no exception. I thought his ideas were awesome, but could I pull it off? Would it fit with my style? This spring he brought me the first handful of prototypes and his wife Nancy asked me to work up a few necklaces for her. Once I got my hands on them and started playing with gemstones I was sold! These wooden pendants are such a unique, natural design element & I can't get enough! Now that I see how these wooden elements can fit into my designs Jim is going to get sick of my e-mails! 

Personalized South Carolina Football Jewelry

I can't wait for you to see all the unique designs that come out of this collaboration but first, let's serve an immediate need. In South Carolina we love college football & our state flag! If you are like me I always end up in the same t-shirts on game day and if I sport any themed jewelry it's often cheap and plastic because I've never found anything nice that I've fallen in love with. This Collection really steps it up! You are going to be showing these off to all our your friends. Even better, you can personalize them for no extra charge! 

It's the South! You have College Football and Initials. What else do you need?

(A Koozie. I didn't make a koozie, sorry ya'll.)

All Carolina Collection Designs are now listed online and available in stores!