I'm a planner.

My schedule has a tendency to fill up weeks in advance and while often that is a result of running my own businesses, sometimes it is because I forget to set boundaries. So when I started to think about a word of the year for 2018, my initial thoughts were circulating around Balance

As 2018 got closer though, it just didn't feel right. I was becoming more and more aware that white-knuckling my schedule wasn't exactly how God wanted me living out my year. While I was working through a Bible Study entry I felt strongly that that God was pushing me to let go of my plans & try to focus more on the things He was putting in front of me.

I was chatting with a friend over coffee and she was talking about her martial arts practice. One of the first things they learn is how to fall without hurting themselves. I was overwhelmed with the feeling that this - Fall - was my focus word. It took a couple more weeks of reflection to understand exactly why.

The visual of letting go - falling - and trusting God to catch me is exactly what I want to keep in my focus this year. I'm pretty sure the more traditional word choice would be Trust, but it's so much more than that. It isn't just the concept of trust or the knowledge that God is looking out for me. It's the action of trusting Him that I'm striving for this year.

More than lip service. 

More than a word.

Choosing to let go.